The Produb licence is managed by the MCPS-PRS Alliance who are responsible for payment of royalties to music composers, publishers and writers. The licence is required by all professional or semi-professional businesses using licenced music or karaoke tracks in the UK who make extra copies of or format-shift their music or karaoke files. Format-shifting means converting music or karaoke files from one format to another, such as from CD to MP3 or from a karaoke disc to a digital format to play karaoke files in software.

Whilst we mainly purchase digital karaoke files which we do not need to convert into another format, we still occasionally buy karaoke discs which means we need to have a Produb license to ensure we comply with the MCPS-PRS.

You are able to confirm whether a DJ or KJ has a Produb license by visiting the PRS website.

Jamie’s karaoke always has a copy of our Produb certificate on us at all times