These might be tongue in cheek, but sometimes we all need a few rules to abide by!


  1. If you are drinking, by all means continue. “Liquid courage” is often the boost people need to get on stage. But remember to drink responsibly!
  2. Applaud for those that get up to sing. It takes a lot of nerve, and everyone deserves a cheer. For you scared folks, applaud because YOU aren’t up there.
  3. Keep the microphone close to your mouth. These are cardioid microphones that help eliminate room noise and cut down on feedback. You need to sing right into is as close as possible.
  4. Feel free to approach Jamie to ask questions or hand in a slip or to check on a song.
  5. If a song starts in a key that is difficult to sing, ask Jamie to raise or lower the key.
  6. Make sure you clearly write your name on the request slip or when using the apps or kiosk, not the name of the artist. Also, double check the disc code. Mistakes do happen, but a wrong code can bring up the wrong song.
  7. Find a partner or friends to join you if you are afraid to go alone. Flying solo can be scarey.
  8. When submitting duets or groups, list all names participating. You may also “include” a group name. Use the back of the request slip if necessary.
  9. Some songs include explicit lyrics, sometimes spelled out, sometimes using symbols. Sing these only if you are comfortable singing them. These songs will not be permitted at venues where children are permitted and present.  Ask Jamie.
  10. Leave some ‘shame’ at the door.  ‘Some’ being the operative word here.
  11. Support the establishment holding the karaoke session by spending a little money there!


  1. If you are drinking, do not bring your drink up with you. Leave it at the bar or at your table – your song will not start until you dispose of your drink.
  2. Do not be rude and disrupt another participant’s performance. Unprovoked, rude behavior will not be tolerated. Take it somewhere else.
  3. Do not swing the microphone by the cord. Do not blow, shout or scream into the microphone. Do not tap or pound on the microphone to see if it’s working. If unsure, ask Jamie.
  4. Do not approach Jamie by stepping between the TV monitor and the singer.
  5. Do not wait until the middle of a song to ask to have it start over or change the pitch.
  6. If you use an alias or different names to increase the number of times you sing, you run the risk of being taken completely out of the rotation. Years of experience make the show as fair as possible.
  7. Join someone else on stage only if you’ve been asked to do so. Do not butt in. Fill out your own slip.
  8. While teaming up is encouraged, be forewarned that in doing so may affect a team participant’s position in the whole rotation.
  9. Do not attempt at supposed brilliance by rewriting the words of a song with obscene or profane language and singing them without first checking with Jamie. Some venues will not allow such whimsical behaviour. Use common sense.
  10. Do not sing “Paradise By the Dashboard Light.” Ever. Or any Meatloaf tune, for that matter. In fact, this rule is applicable to any eleven-minute opus a la “Stairway” or “Horse with No Name” or “American Pie.” We agree to support you for four minutes, don’t push it.