It’s true – sometimes life takes over and you don’t always have the opportunity to write a post. That’s a wrist slap deserved then!

Well, where to start?  As many of you know, we stopped hosting Karaoke Nights for a little while now as Jamie was having problems lifting and carrying equipment.  The joys of a fractured spine!

It doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped updating our huge Karaoke Song Database though – as usual we’ve kept our collection current by purchasing the latest Sunfly Hits Karaoke Discs and the Easy Karaoke Express Hits so that Karaoke singers can always be assured that we will carry the lastest chart tracks. We’ve also been continuing to compliment the collection by adding Sunfly Gold Discs and Zoom Jukebox Discs over the last few months.

So when will Jamie be back?  Well, how long is a piece of string!  Jamie will be back before you know it and the latest update is that he’s currently planning his diary to set up some regular Karaoke Evenings locally.  We’ll keep you updated!