Whilst any karaoke show or karaoke package will ultimately be different as its the singers that make each karaoke show unique, I believe that delivering an amazing karaoke show also requires a little bit of ‘fairy dust’ and ‘sparkle’ to give the night a little something extra.

Deep down, I’m a performer and a diva. I guess it’s down to all of those years of me having performed in drag! But when I sing karaoke, I probably sing for the same reasons anyone else does:

  • I enjoy singing regardless of my ability
  • I might like to ‘show off’ a little and want the spotlight on me

Karaoke Package

Whatever the reason (and I will add more above as time goes on!), I want you to be the star you are! So every karaoke night comes with:

  • Sure SM58 Microphones
  • 4 x Radio Microphones
  • Starcloth Backdrop for singers
  • Small Lighting appropriate for the venue
  • Touch screen Karaoke Kiosk for making song requests (I do not use paper songbooks – only the app, website or kiosk)

That is my standard karaoke package. Extras are available such as DMX Uplighting which can be coordinated to match your colour theme or turn the whole room into a giant disco light!

I Am Not a DJ!

Whilst I will play background music, please note that I do not advertise as or pretend to be a DJ. I do have a wide range of music but I do not offer a disco service. I do occasionally use DJ software but I believe that I should stick to what I know and leave the DJing to the experts.

You’ll note that I haven’t advertised rates on the website and that’s because every event is different and so my rates are based on distance to travel, the length of the event and the required set up and set down times. I also offer a discounted rate to venues that want to be make regular bookings for my karaoke services.

I do occasionally offer my services free of charge for charity events or events taking place in my local community.