The New House!

Yes I know I am slow at updating the blog but there has been a lot going on!

I have moved! Yes I have left the ‘city’ of Reading and have moved to Abersychan! It’s in South Wales! Now I can bring my karaoke to a new audience!

As usual, I am doing a little refining and replacing (sadly some cables went missing when we supplied the audio equipment for the Club F.O.D tent at Reading Pride 2022) but I are willing, ready and able to go as soon as you are!

Now that I have ventured out socially, I realise that karaoke is a special event! It isn’t something that happens every week in in the villages. Although if you travel into some of the larger towns and cities like Pontypool, Newport and Cardiff, you are more likely to find weekly karaoke shows.

Drum roll please… It’s a little secret but I am also about to launch a new game show offering! It is all part of ‘Jamie’s Entertainments’ which will sit along my Bingo, Drag and Quiz Night offering. I wish I could tell you more but my lips are sealed!

I am really excited by the move and can’t wait to introduce local karaoke singers to my Digital Karaoke show here in Abersychan and the surrounding areas.