Jamie's Karaoke presents Karaoke requests by Touchscreen Kiosk

There comes a time in every Karaoke Hosts life when the frustration of continually replacing Karaoke Books becomes the bain of your life!  Karaoke Song Books become out of date the moment they get printed and as we regularly update our collection witht he latest Chart Songs, this can happen at least twice a month!  Then of course we’re also talking about damage to books.  After all, we’re hosting our Karaoke Shows in venues where dutch courage – or alcohol – flows freely and a spilt pint of lager can soak through a book in seconds and no amount of radiator repair is going to resurrect a book!  Not only does this take time to remedy but there’s a cost implication as well.  Money that could be spent on even more karaoke discs!

So where does that leave Jamie’s Karaoke?  Well, regulars to the shows will know that we always have our Touchscreen Karaoke kiosk in use.  It stores your song history (if you’ve created a password) making choosing a song just as simple as choosing underwear.  Smartphone users can also download an app that links up to this system as well.  By being digital in this way, we’re eliminating mess (those pesky slips get everywhere), we’re streamlining the process of choosing a song and actually, we become greener by preserving trees.

Of course, we will always update our song listings on here so if you like seeing a long list of songs, you can still get your fix!